An Invitation To The Beauty Pageant!

To participate in the Cleburne County Fair and Live-stock Beauty Pageant!!!

When:  September To Be Determinded 2020

Where:  Cleburne County Commercial Building at Fairgrounds (Night ti Be Determined)

We will have designated area for the dressing. This contest will consist of two parts. The first part will be Sportswear/Swim suit and interview. The interview will be five minutes. The second part will be evening gown. All contestants are judged on: Facial Beauty, Stage Presentation, Attitude/Personality and Overall Appearance. The interview and sportswear/swim suit will be held on the night of the pageant,
and will be for ages 14 and up. Score sheets will NOT be available at any time for viewing. The highest score will be deemed the winner.

Entry Fee and Application:
There will be a $50 entry fee which needs to be mailed along with the application. Cashier checks or money orders only will be accepted and they need to be made out to Cleburne County Fair. All material needs to be postmarked by Date to be Determinded and dropped off at the Cleburne County Extension office or mailed to:
Lydia Guffey
PO BOX 451
Heber Springs, AR 72543
If there are any questions regarding the application process, feel free to call (501-206-2670) or email at

Qualifications and Rules:
1.) Contestants competing in the Miss Cleburne County must not be less than 18 or
more than 23 years of age. Contestants in the Miss Teen Division must not be
less than 14 or more than 17 years of age. Contestants in the Pre-Teen Division
must not be less than 10 or more than 13 years of age. Petite Young Miss must
be less than 6 or no more than 9 years of age. The Little Mister contestants
must not be less than 3 or more than 5 years of age. The Toddler Miss must be 12
months and no more than 23 months; Teeny Miss is 2 years old, Tiny Miss is 3
years old and Little Miss is 4 to 5 years old.

2.) The contestant must be a legal resident of the state of Arkansas, and must reside
in Cleburne County and/or attend school in Cleburne County.

3.) A contestant must have been born a female and a legal resident of Arkansas. The
contestant must be single; never been married; nor pregnant and/or never
had a child. A contestant must not have ever been convicted of any crime or have
any criminal charges pending.

4.) Contestants must be punctual and present for check-in and all activities!! This
will allow a smooth and time efficient pageant.

5.) Attire for pageant – Girls: Can be pageant dress, Flower girl style dress,
formal/prom dress, or Sunday Best. Boys: Can be tuxedos, suits or Sunday
Best. In no way does the cost of the contestant’s attire have a bearing on the
outcome of the pageant.

6.) Makeup is allowed for girls, but should be age appropriate and used with

7.) Contestants are not allowed to use cell phones while participating in pageant.

8.) Any display of bad sportsmanship and/or unbecoming conduct, any interference
and/or disturbance, foul language, or any other behavioral problem created by a
contestant, parent, relative or supporter of a contestant could result in
disqualification of the contestant not only from this year’s pageant but all future

9.) Photogenic Competition is optional. Contestants must submit a picture of any
Size, color or black/white, glitz or natural. Please bring all photos to the pageant
On day of check-in day of the pageant. Contestant’s name and age must be
on the back of photo, do not put in a frame, you can put in a plastic protective
sleeve. Please pick up photos before leaving!!

10.) The judge’s decisions are final!!


***If you have any gowns that you want to donate, call the Extension Office or drop them off at the Extension Office***

Beauty Pageant Information