Important Livestock Show Information

This 2020 Fair will be a bit different due to restrictions set forth by the state for large gatherings. 

CLEAN UP DAYS will be August 21st 8am to 8 pm and August 22nd 8 am to 8 pm during Chicken Testing!! Try to social distance as much as possible. YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR PEN TO RESERVE YOUR PEN. If pens are marked and not cleaned, they will be used as unclaimed. Bring your own shavings and tools this year!

Chicken testing August 21st from 1 pm to 5 pm and  August 22nd 8 am to 5 pm. Call Justin Whitehurst for more information at 501 472 9000

We are going to have our Junior Livestock show, but we will not be allowing animals to stay longer than 24 hours to keep the number of spectators down and keep our kids safe. Large animals will be allowed to tie to trailers this year ONLY. This will not apply for 2021 Fair.


Animals will come in, be fitted and shown in the same day. Each day we will focus on one animal group. 

Here is a list of Dates and Times for Shows

Schedule of Events

Sept 8 Tuesday

Chickens check in Tuesday afternoon after 5pm. Visit the office for your cage tags.

Goats and sheep may check in Tuesday night after 7 pm. Office will be closed but Wednesday, visit the Commercial Building to pay entry fees.


Sept 9 Wednesday

Goat and Sheep Weigh 8am to noon.

Chicken Judging will take place between 10 am-2 pm




Sheep Show will start at 2 pm in this order.

  1. Breeding Sheep

  2. Commercial Ewes

  3. Market Lambs

  4. Showmanship

Goat Show will follow Sheep Showmanship

  1. Breeding Goats

  2. Dairy Goats

  3. Market Goats

  4. Showmanship


Chickens are released when judging is finished, and awards are given. Grand Champions and Reserves and Showmanship winners need to swing by the commercial building for their awards. All awards can be picked up date of show.


Poultry Chain Chickens can be left for their sale day after speaking with Michelle Mobley.


Sept 10  Thursday

Hog check in 7 am to 9 am.

Weigh in 9 am to noon.

Hog show starts at 6pm

1. Market Hogs

2. Commercial Gilts

3. Breeding Swine

4. Showmanship


Awards and Buckles will be available in the commercial building after their shows. After hog awards are claimed, hogs will be released.


Sept 11 Friday

Cattle Check in 7 am to 9 am.

Weigh in 9 am to noon.


Dairy Cattle show starts at 4 pm.

1.  Breeding

2.  Commercial

3.  Market

4.  Showmanship


Beef Cattle Show to follow Dairy Cattle Show

1.  Breeding

2.  Commercial

3.  Market

4.  Showmanship


After cattle awards and buckles are claimed in the commercial building, cattle can be released. Cattlemen’s Association Buckle Winners must leave their contact information with the secretary in the Commercial Building before leaving!


Sept 12 Saturday

All Around Showmanship Begins at 10 am. Show starts at 11am.


There will be no awards show this year. All awards are available date of show.


Horse Show Saturday Night starting at 7 pm.

Negative Coggins Required.

Questions? Call Jamie at 501-206-7301.        


There will be no livestock auction this year but keep checking with 4H leaders and our website at for updates on what event will take this event’s place!



Cleburne County Fair
& Livestock Show
880 Bittle Road
Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543
Phone: 501 306 9305